Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights

From its earliest years, Goodwin has represented corporate entities in bankruptcy proceedings. We continue to apply this experience and expertise in helping clients deal with the difficult issues involved in these proceedings, including:

  • Representing lenders and other creditors in insolvency, collection and bankruptcy actions
  • Assisting clients in bankruptcy sales and acquisitions
  • Preserving client’s rights in cash collateral and other lien protection actions
  • Defending leasehold, contract and reclamation actions to protect client’s interests
  • Pursuing stay relief and adequate protection actions to enforce creditor’s liens and other interests
  • Negotiating restructuring and workout agreements
  • Structuring transactions to enhance clients’ rights in the event of insolvency
  • Participating in lending liability and similar actions
  • Appearing for clients in bankruptcy courts in West Virginia and surrounding states.
  • Representing trustees, commercial and business debtors, trade creditors and committees