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The key to any law firm’s long-term success is the quality of lawyers that it hires. Since 1970, Goodwin’s growth and success has been based largely upon this simple philosophy.

Over the years, we have hired lawyers predominantly through a summer clerk program for 1st and 2nd year law students who have distinguished themselves academically. Graduating law students who have not clerked at the firm are also encouraged to seek a position with the firm. We also value the important experience gained through judicial clerkships. The resumes of several of the firm’s attorneys include clerkships with West Virginia’s federal judges. Finally, lawyers who have begun their careers elsewhere may find the working environment and culture at Goodwin a welcome place to practice law.

We welcome all serious inquiries by lawyers and law students about the possibility of joining our firm. Inquiries should be directed to Jeff Vollmer at:

Goodwin & Goodwin, LLP
300 Summers Street, Suite 1500
Charleston, West Virginia 25301