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Lucas White named Partner at Goodwin & Goodwin

February 15, 2019

Originally from Preston County, West Virginia, Luke graduated from Yale University in 2011 and Washington & Lee University School of Law in 2014. While in law school, Luke worked in the W&L Black Lung Legal Clinic, where he helped disabled coal miners obtain the benefits they had earned. After graduating magna cum laude in 2014 and winning a significant benefits award for a retired miner with black lung disease, Luke joined Goodwin & Goodwin as an associate, where he previously worked both summers in law school. Since then, Luke has represented clients in a wide array of complex litigation, including the theft of trade secrets, briefing for appeals and critical motions, financial and consumer credit matters, commercial and insurance disputes, antitrust issues, wage payment violations, and catastrophic personal injuries. While the fields of Luke’s legal experience are broad, the same common threads run through his—and the firm’s—practice of law: in-depth knowledge, meticulous preparation, astute guidance, and zealous advocacy of our clients’ interests